What to check for when buying a used luxury car?

What to check for when buying a used luxury car?

World-class luxury cars come with great perks like high social status, advanced technology, and great performance on the road. With all these top features comes a hefty price tag attached to these cars. However, you can still own your preferred luxury ride a few years after it has launched, thanks to depreciation. It means a six-figure luxury ride with a fair mileage can be easily within your budget after a few years. Most high-end vehicles still look good if they’re well maintained by their first owner, giving you the big-shot status on a budget.


Our auto experts have combined five key tips to have in mind when shopping for used luxury cars.


1. Have the Car Fully Scanned


Luxury cars feature high-end and most advanced technology. It’s important to ensure that every aspect of the car is still functioning properly. Have a professional technician carry out a full diagnostic scan of the car. Replacing faulty sensors or electronics in a luxury car can be very costly and increase the car's overall cost.


2. Inspection and Update


The car should undergo a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) done by a trained technician. The PPI will reveal any hidden issues the car might have; also, it's recommended to opt for a trained technician who has experience with the ride you want to buy. In addition, you should ensure the car has updated software so that you don't run into any systems failing.

3. Avoiding Air Suspension


Many luxurious sedan cars feature an air suspension system. Most buyers who own used luxury cars, Surrey, with the air suspension system, have reported aging, leaking, or failing issues. While the air suspension system improves the comfortability of a ride, it’s very costly to repair it once it starts failing. Additionally, you can consider having an extended warranty that protects you from repair costs.


4. Central Command System


It’s crucial to run the car’s central command system and check its functionality. Check the connectivity, the infotainment, and even the control settings to ensure they’re working consistently. Confirm that the central control knob, joystick, or dial aren’t sticky and work in every direction. How functional are the steering wheel commands and controls?

5. Modifications


Most first buyers of luxury cars love to have their cars customized or modified to suit their preferences. Some popular upgrades of luxury rides are supercharged models, suspension modifications, and computer chips. However, it's not good to purchase a used luxury car with extensive modifications.


While engine management software modifications will make the car more powerful but can damage the engine and limit warranty coverage. At the same time, suspension modifications of the ride can cause durability problems, handling-related issues, and wear. It’s better to go for a car with minimal modifications.

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