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How Hyundai Roadside Assistance Works

How Hyundai Roadside Assistance Works

When owning a car, one thing is certain: you want reliability. Hyundai delivers on this promise and goes further by providing an essential safety net, the Hyundai Roadside Assistance program. Offered as part of Hyundai's new vehicle warranty at Sukhi Bath Motors, it gives you the comfort of knowing help is available in unexpected situations. Let's explore how this program works and why it's compelling to own a Hyundai in British Columbia.


Hyundai Roadside Assistance: A Comprehensive Safety Net

Hyundai owners know they can count on the reliability of their vehicles. But for those unforeseeable roadside incidents, Hyundai Roadside Assistance is there for you. It is a comprehensive program accessible round-the-clock and easily managed via Hyundai's dedicated smartphone app.


In the unlikely event of a breakdown, the program offers various essential services, including towing your inoperable vehicle, battery boosting, changing a flat tire, lockout relief, and even fuel delivery. For more complex mechanical issues, first aid is available, and in certain circumstances, services like winching and extrication can prove invaluable.


During your travels, the program provides extended benefits such as trip accident assistance and U.S. arrest bond certificate service, ensuring comprehensive support whenever needed. Available 24/7 throughout the year, Hyundai ensures you're never truly alone on the road.


Hyundai Roadside Assistance: Unlocking the Benefits

Owning a Hyundai means you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the Hyundai Roadside Assistance program. It is designed to provide quick and effective solutions during your hour of need.


Imagine a scenario where a flat tire or a battery issue threatens to disrupt your day. You can simply call the service center, and a technician will be dispatched to your location to get you back on track. The program is also there to provide assistance during more severe situations, such as accidents, ensuring you can safely return home.


Owners of Hyundai cars built from 2015 onwards can access these services for five years, irrespective of mileage. Even customers with older models (2014 and earlier) have three years of access to the program.


Checking Your Roadside Assistance Coverage

The Roadside Assistance lasts up to five years as a complimentary service with a new vehicle purchase. If you need more clarification about your coverage, simply contact Sukhi Bath Motors with your VIN number. Our team can verify your purchase date and check if you are still eligible for Roadside Assistance.


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Navigating through roadside challenges can be stressful, but with Hyundai Roadside Assistance, you can cruise with confidence, knowing a safety net is ready to catch you if you stumble. If you don't currently own a Hyundai but are interested in the assurance of having such a robust program, explore our inventory of Used Hyundai For Sale in Surrey today. Together, let's put you on the road to a worry-free journey.


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