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We are open regular hours seven days a week during SkyTrain construction.

Five Signs You've Found the Right Used Car

Five Signs You've Found the Right Used Car

Getting a used car is a good investment that can help you save money. However, with many dealers in the market, an additional risk is often involved to make sure you get a quality vehicle. These complications call for an attentive and cautious buyer who can conduct rigorous checks. For you to get a used vehicle with confidence, we have highlighted the top five signs that indicate a good choice.


It Is Within Your Budget

Getting a used car is similar to buying a new one since there are additional costs for taxes, insurance and other fees. A good deal is what you can afford, and no deal is worth any financial stress. There are different financing options that you can choose from, and you can pay for it over time with a negotiable monthly payment.


It Features Everything You Want

Comfort while driving is crucial, and this depends on your specific requirements. All essential features, such as advanced safety technology, enough seating capacity and cargo space, should be available. You can also opt for a personal touch by creating a list of convenient attributes, then check them off until you find a vehicle with everything you want.


Its Mileage Falls Within the Average

Ensure that you check the total mileage of a vehicle before purchasing it. Remember that an average driver covers about 20,000 kilometres per year. Any car with a mileage close to this is a good choice, and a vehicle with a lower mileage is best if you plan to keep the car for a long time. Higher odometer readings are also fine if you only need the car temporarily.


It Has an Engine You Can Depend On

It is essential to know which vehicle you want and for what purpose. For instance, if you usually use flooded, snowy or icy roads, you will need an engine that can provide the horsepower and torque required. A V8 or at least a V6 with offroading capabilities can help you navigate such terrains easily.


It Has a Clean History

A clean report from a used vehicle is a valuable resource with plenty of information. It ensures that the previous owner continued the maintenance schedule and took good care of the car. This report can also help you get insights on whether the vehicle has been involved in an accident or damaged differently.


Get the Perfect Used Car in Surrey, BC!

When buying a used car, you must be sure you are making the best decision by choosing a reliable vehicle. Visit us at Sukhi Bath Motors for a diverse inventory of used vehicles for sale in Surrey and discover available financing options.

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