5 Expert Tips for Maintaining Your Car's Performance and Increasing Its Lifespan

5 Expert Tips for Maintaining Your Car's Performance and Increasing Its Lifespan

Maintaining your car well is one of the key factors in extending its lifespan. So if you’re wondering where to start and how to go about car maintenance, here are a few handy tips you’d want to follow.


Tip 1: Regular Oil Changes

A regular oil change is one of the most important factors to consider during car maintenance. The oil in your car should be changed every six months or once your vehicle travels between 8000 to 12000 km. This is based on how old your car is, the manufacturer and what your car manual states. A regular oil change helps enhance fuel efficiency, keeps car parts lubricated, and ensures your engine runs smoothly for better performance.


Tip 2: Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance is another integral part of your overall car maintenance you should focus on. Your car tires should be rotated at least once a year and inspected regularly. Always check whether your tires are correctly inflated (over/under) because this could lead to extra pressure on your car, tire bursts, and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. This also helps you check the tire tread to decide when it needs replacement. Regular tire maintenance helps improve fuel efficiency, maintains a healthy suspension system, and keeps you safe on the road.


Tip 3: Regular Maintenance Checks

At least once a month, you should get your car professionally examined for a regular check. This check will include brake inspections, fluid checks, and engine tune-ups.


Tip 4: Clean Air Filters

Most people ignore air filters without understanding their importance in maintaining fuel efficiency. However, when the air filters are dirty, your engine must work harder to circulate air, so it must be cleaned regularly. You can clean the filters by removing all the dirt and debris, drying them and placing them back.


Tip 5: Safe Driving Habits

The most obvious way to maintain your car is to treat it with love. Keep consistent driving speeds, and do not hit the accelerator and brakes too hard. This can stress your vehicle and cause unnecessary wear and tear. Always remember the more attention to the health of your car, the better your vehicle will respond, and enjoy long drives without problems.



With regular maintenance and safe driving habits, you’ll not only be able to enjoy driving your car regularly, but you’ll also enjoy doing it for an extended time. To get the best car maintenance and car detailing service in Surrey visit Sukhi Bath Motors today.

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